+ Is there enough snow for good ski conditions?

YES! Snow quality and amount will be between the conditions experienced by Cypress and Whistler-Blackcomb. Twenty years of snow studies have shown that in most years, Brohm Ridge gets much more snow than Whistler-Blackcomb at comparable elevations and our Main Village will also be 500m higher than Whistler Village. By adding the North facing slopes in the Culliton Drainage, we will have many hectares of excellent skiing terrain. Our resort is designed to be enjoyed all year round. Not just for skiing! Activities such as mountain biking, alpine slides, and hiking will be planned from the start!

+ Have you addressed how the resort will manage their water supply?

YES! After several studies performed by professional hydrologists, we have approval under our Environmental Assessment Certificate to access water from an aquifer located near Paradise Valley. Stringent conditions are in place to ensure there is no interruption of water for local users who will maintain the primary access rights. We are “last in, first out.” Experts have agreed there is enough water for all. Studies by professional hydrologists, including independent studies commissioned on behalf of the residents of Paradise Valley, have confirmed the ample supply of water. We will build a sustainable resort from the beginning, and low water usage will be an essential part of the conservation plan.

+ Will the recreation facilities and the accommodation be balanced?

YES! Building Mountain Resorts is regulated by the Mountain Resort Branch, who clearly lays out performance levels that have to be met before accommodation can be built. In accordance with Provincial regulations, recreational amenities must be built or bonded for prior to any construction of accommodations. The current plan shows that 54% of the beds will be for visitor accommodation. If the District of Squamish becomes the local government then they will have considerable control of the resort through zoning powers.

+ Will the housing needs of the community be taken into account?

YES! An Environmental Certificate condition requires that a minimum of 10% of beds be designated as employee housing. Based on the current situation in the region we anticipate exceeding the 10% requirement to ensure our workforce has sufficient housing.

+ Will our community see the benefits sooner than later?

YES! When the resort is under construction, the investors will pay over $850 million dollars in wages to local workers. From construction workers to retailers, from restauranteurs to mountain bike stores, we will inject a revenue stream into our community.

+ Is the Squamish Nation involved?

YES! The Squamish Nation is a formal partner of our project and we have incorporated Squamish Nation historical and cultural awareness into our resort amenities.