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The proposal to build an all season resort on Brohm Ridge has moved to the Resort Master Planning stage. The Proponents have put together a DRAFT Resort Master Plan, and we would like to gather feedback and suggestions from the citizens of Squamish as well as other British Columbians who are interested in this exciting new project. This input will help us design and build a resort that is the best fit for Squamish and the Sea to Sky area. Public input has led to many improvements in the current master plan, and we look forward to more engagement as we move closer to making this project a reality.

Right now, we are asking residents of Squamish and others interested in the Garibaldi Resort Project what they would like to see and the resort, and what their priorities are. 


2018 to 2020

Obtaining the Master Development Agreement, including local government support


2020 to 2022

Preliminary designs, planning and detail design

2023 to 2025

Construction aiming for an opening in the fall of 2025


The Resort will be just north of Squamish on Brohm Ridge

There will be a turn off just north of Alice Lake Park. A road similar to the one that climbs Cypress will connect the Highway to the Resort.


Over 80% of the land will either remain Undisturbed Greenspace / Old Growth, or be trails & recreation area 



We are passionate about designing one of the best resorts in the world. Not only will we have a small footprint but all 3 base areas are in previously logged areas.


One Main Village is proposed, with hotels, restaurants and commercial spaces that will serve visitors and residents alike. Our priority is to ensure the needs of local families and businesses are considered during the design process.

- Rod MacLeod, Vice President Planning, Garibaldi at Squamish


The Resort has been approved by the Environmental Assessment Office

In January, 2016, the Environmental Assessment Office approved the proposed resort. After analyzing input from previous engagement, they have allowed the Resort Proposal to move to the next steps. There are 40 conditions attached to the approval.


80+% of the accommodation will be Ski in / Ski Out, Ride In Ride Out or Hike In Hike Out.  


You won't need a car when you come here!

One top objective is to create a full resort experience within a walkable village. Transit Services and other options will make this one of the few resorts planned from the start with sustainability at the core. With Transit, you won’t even need a car to get here.

The Resort Investors are from Vancouver


Aquilini Development along with Northland Properties are the main developers behind the proposed Garibaldi Resort project. They are Vancouver based, Canadian companies with extensive holdings in various industries including the hospitality and entertainment sector. Most notably, they both own NHL franchises; the Aquilini Group own the Vancouver Canucks and Northland Properties Corporation own the Dallas Stars.


The Ski Terrain will match “Ideal” Guidelines for all levels

The Ski Terrain has been re-vamped. Now the proposed terrain matches very closely the ideal terrain in the Provincial Guidelines. There is an ideal balance of beginner, intermediate and expert trails.

Garibaldi North Facing runs.jpg

The Ski Terrain has been significantly improved

We improved the ski plans based on public feedback and made significant improvements. We added more steep, north facing runs that match many of the best areas in Whistler/Blackcomb.

There are incredible views in all directions.


We have many ideas on what can be a part of our new resort but we need your help! Our resort design will be thoughtful, sensitive, exciting, and innovative!



We want to hear what you have to say! Do you want certain features to be a part of our new resort? Do you agree that the District of Squamish should be the local government for the resort? We love hearing your ideas on how to make this resort one of the best in the world!



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