And the Survey Says - More Expert Ski Runs!

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We recently asked for your feedback on the current Draft Master Plan to learn more about what the community would like to see in an all-season resort. Through the online survey, we have received over 500 responses and a tremendous amount of positive and tangible feedback that will help guide the design of the resort.

One key trend that we’ve seen throughout your responses is a desire for more Expert ski runs. The current plan reflects the province’s suggested run difficulty breakdown as outlined in the All-Season Resort Guidelines, which is:

  • 5% beginner

  • 15% Novice

  • 25% Low Intermediate

  • 35% Intermediate

  • 15% Advanced Intermediate

  • 5% Expert

However, while “Looks great” was the most popular response to this mix, almost a third of responders want to see more advanced or expert ski runs.


In the comments, the community has specifically requested more expert runs, especially with trees and steep areas that connect to backcountry, and have suggested up to 10% double-black diamond runs. One responder has suggested that offering more expert runs will even attract a new kind of skier – “the GoPro Heroes, YouTube video [film makers], and hence out-of-town visitors.”

We have listened to this feedback and are currently planning three lifts that will be as long and as steep as any on Whistler Blackcomb. To compare a few lifts, we pulled some data on Whistler Blackcomb from the province’s List of Approved Plans and compared it with some facts from our Draft Master Plan:

2018.12.06-Garibaldi lifts.jpg

 With feedback like this, we can design an outstanding resort for both Squamish and the world.

 Do you agree with the survey results so far? Let us know what you think and JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Click here to take the 5-minute survey!

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