In Mountain Biking, We Want Variety


From our survey results, we have learned that people would like to see a variety of mountain biking trails at Garibaldi At Squamish. From climbing trails with epic viewpoints to easy and fun cross-country loops and designated learning zones, our new resort will have something for everyone. Another trend in the survey results is a desire for accessible and inexpensive trails, including free trails, pet-friendly areas and discount passes for locals.

Garibaldi At Squamish has a unique opportunity to plan the bike trails in conjunction with the ski runs and other mountain activities to optimize the terrain.


 Here are a few examples of what we heard from you:

A great flow trail all the way down to Squamish. Maybe hooking up to Cheshire Cat at Cat Lake (love shuttling that trail and riding down to wonderland)”

“Definitely use local trail builders - so much local talent”

“Make this a local’s resort. Aim to improve the quality of life for those who call this home. We need a year-round resort that helps us and our families enjoy the community and beautiful area we live in”

“I’m not a mountain biker but would like to start. I’d like a connecting network and free options”

“I like the idea of having some lower free trails accessed by the access road, starting at the base of the lifts, and then a paid lift access bike park above. Take advantage of the “enduro” style of biking that is in fashion right now and use the lifts to access an enduro loop that has small climbs and long downhills. You could add a long loop (25km?) that could have, for example, 600m of climbing and 2000m of descending for a good day out!

We love hearing your ideas that can truly make this resort a unique experience. The survey will remain open to gather further feedback from the community. We’d love to hear from you if you haven’t already taken our survey!

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